Lucky Craft is attacking the rod market from a unique perspective. As one of the premier hard bait companies in the world, they know exactly how a bait is supposed to act and should be fished. Lucky Craft has now focused that priceless ingenuity and knowledge into their new line of fishing rods to elicit those exact fish attracting characteristics. Each rod is technique-specific, designed to evoke the optimum lure action, as well as, provide the necessary sensitivity, power and taper to ensure you feel every bite and make solid hooksets.

With the help of their pro staff, Lucky Craft spent several years developing their new technique-specific rod designs before they recently released them to the public. Most notably, Lucky Craft pro Brent Ehler has been fishing these rods for years and now uses Lucky Craft rods exclusively in his tournament fishing.

Lucky Craft fishing rods are made from quality graphite composite and feature premium Fuji SIC guides, as well as, Fuji Reel Seats. Rest assured Lucky Craft used the same expertise and craftsmanship that has made their hard baits famous to create their new line of technique-specific bass fishing rods.


Model Options

Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Customer Reviews

Comments: Impressed. Great quality product for a great price. I have the shaky head and can feel a fish fart within a mile of my bait. Seriously tho it's an outstanding rod for the price. Very happy with my purchase.

From: Tyler: PA 10/19/15

Comments:  I've owned 3 of these gems now & find them not only sensitive but more than capable of handling barramundi up to 40ab. These are some of the best mid weight spin rods you can buy

From: Chris: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Comments: I have 3 of these rods 2 heavy action tube rods and 1 Drop shot, They are very light and sensetive, I had 3 carrot stix but sold them. The luck Craft rods perform a lot better.

From: Brian: Pennsylvania, USA

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