Prop baits have been around a long time and for good reason, they catch fish. With the introduction of the Splash Tail 90, prop baits have now reached a new level of performance. Lucky Craft has put ball bearing double blades on the Splash Tail which delivers smooth, rapid propeller rotation while reducing friction. The Splash Tail blades create more water disturbance with less effort, making each twitch of this lure a dinner bell for fish. With the combination of Lucky Craft's lifelike colors and the appealing Splash Tail action, this bait is a fish catching machine.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Hooks Line Recommendation
Splash Tail 3.6" 1/2oz #5 10-12 lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The line can tangle in the front prop but with a little practice you can limit this problem.  Some people also  apply wax to the end of the line or use a small piece of tubing. This bait walks easily and the props move effortlessly.  The points on the stock trebles roll easily so I change them.

From: Lou: NJ

Comments: The Bait is one of the BEST TOPWATER lures I have ever used, But how do you stop the line from wrapping around the front blade?

From: Jamarr: Rochester, NY

Comments:Excellent topwater bait! I own the WakeTail 85 and the Kelly J and they are both good lures. I bought the Splash Tail 90 and I think they are the best of all. Every time I would throw it out and let it sit for a second or two I would have a bass jump all over it

From:William: USA

Comments:This lure is amazing! What's the secret? I'm totally convinced it's the design of the gold, ball bearing blades. As the lure hits the water, the blades automatically start spinning, often continuing to spin for several seconds after the lure has been lying still on the surface. Each time you move the bait, even slightly, they spin again. Fishing side by side with experienced anglers using their favorite "go to" top water baits, I've out fished them 4 to 1. I now keep several in my tackle at all times. They are not cheap, but nothing any good ever is. If you like to watch bass explode on surface lures then you need to get one of these.

From:Tom St. Louis, MO

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