Lucky Craft Split Rings - $4.99

The Lucky Craft Split Rings are used on the Lucky Craft Pointer, LV500, Sammy, and all the other great Lucky Craft lures out there. These split rings are made from thin, light wire that is extremely strong and stretch resistant. The rings make the Lucky Craft lures suspend perfectly by not adding undue weight and they can help lighten any other crankbait or lure. The really unique feature of these Lucky Craft Split Rings is the oval shape they have. It ensures that the split is on the side away from the eye of the hook and the bait. All this to say, it is less likely that the hook can accidentally thread itself off when you are fighting a bass. Incorporate the Lucky Craft Split Rings as the tie point and the line won't slip into the split and work itself off. Available in three sizes for any sized bait you have.

12 Rings per Pack

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Lucky Craft Split Rings

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Lucky Craft Split Rings #2 $4.99
Lucky Craft Split Rings #3 $4.99

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