The Lucky Craft Real Skin Staysee 90 ver. 2 is a very special bass attracting jerk-bait. Unlike many jerk-baits that are ripped across the surface of the water, this bait is fished 8-10 feet below the surface with a perfect nose-down suspended retrieve. The Real Skin STAYSEE 90 also adds another level of fish attraction – real fish skin. Squid skin is wrapped around the standard STAYSEE 90 ver. 2, dried and then dipped into gloss. Not only do the Real Skin Staysee 90's have the benefit of increased realism, they actually put out minute amounts of scent similar to a real fish as the gloss breaks down through scratches and normal use. Each Real Skin Staysee 90 ver. 2 is also equipped with a unique combination of rattles, which create the gravity suspending action and permits long casts. The Staysee 90 with Real Skin will dive deep and help you attract fish where normal jerkbaits don't have a chance.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Dive Depth Class Hook Size Line Recom.
Staysees 90 ver. 2 3.5" 7/16oz 8-10ft Suspending #6 10-12lb

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