Lunker City Slug-Go SS 15pk

Lunker City Slug-Go SS 15pk
Even if you're an old hand with the original Slug-Go, the options and versatility offered by the Slug-Go SS will excite you. The Slug-Go SS' slinky and squirmy action accentuates the "alive but struggling" characteristic that triggers gamefish. Twitch your rod tip to make the supple tail dance seductively; the action of the long slithery tail is sensational.

Length Quantity
7" 15

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Finesse fishing dream bait right here.  That classic Sluggo dying minnow jerk twitch with a super-live whiptail...  It simply does not get better for a slow jerk retrieve.  Totally weedless with a t-rig and it triggers HITS!  Action is unlike anything else.  So many good colors too.  Also 15 in a $5 bag and they are SUPER durable!

From: Matt: MA 5/20/14

Comments: Great bait! if you are looking for a worm that will target larger inactive fish, this is it. great on a bubba-shot or if you are looking to dropshot some different that everyone else. only wish TW carried the tequila sunrise version . . .

From: Dave: Stockton, CA

Comments: Fished this for the first time behind a cold front that moved through.  Only thing the bass would hit in the grass beds.  On a 1/0 owner springlock hook, this thing really shines.  Solid thumps, solid hooksets and each one lasts at least 4-5 fish.  Great lure.

From: Steve: Princeton, NJ

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