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The Lunkerhunt Combat Frog has been designed to get big fish out of the harshest conditions. A tapered nose helps the Combat Frog pass smoothly through heavy cover such as mats, weeds, and reeds. The patented Combat Frog legs also extend and on the retrieve and retract on the pause. The enlarged air bladder not only gives it the ability to float high in the water, but also shields the hook, making them extremely weedless as well. Large oversized hooks are gauged just right to ensure when fish bite they set easily and hold. If you are looking to battle big fish, the Lunkerhunt Combat Frog is the frog for you.

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Lunkerhunt Combat Frogs

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Comments: Great response from hard hitting bass, but got frustrated over the misses. Good lure but needs some modification with an additional hook -- a trebble hook!!

From: Garry: Forth Worth, TX 11/19/14

Comments: I guess I should have read the reviews on these. got one today. Took it out of package and checked the hooks: one hook was ok but needed to be sharpened, the other was very dull and actually had point bent in. After sharpening the hooks, I tied it on and dropped it in the water and immediately noticed that it leaned to one side.. not balanced. one leg is longer than the other and sits deeper in water. the legs did not have the action that is shown in video; retrieved thru slop and it seem to ride nose down and it picked up a lot of slim / trash and a ton of water. Very disappointed. don't waste your money.

From: John: Jacksonville, FL 9/25/14

Comments: Great frog! The angled hooks really do help with hook sets, and these come through cover considerably better than the lunker frogs due to their weight and shape. I've thrown them a lot, caught several 4+ lb fish with them and neither of the frogs I have are showing damage yet. Love love love these frogs for a large profile chugging action. I also have several of both sizes of the original lunker frogs and these make a great addition to the available profiles in my box. These aren't walking frogs at all, but they excel in their presentation for sure- they draw a lot of strikes!

From: Matt: USA 9/19/14

Comments: I wanted to like these. Great size great look. First fish 3.5 pounds. After that.... The frog never worked the same. It sinks every cast. I super glued the hole where the hook exits the body. Worked for a while. Then the weight fell out and one leg fell off. I had the same problems with the other frog these guys make. They are so close to a great frog. I just wish they did more testing before selling.

From: Danny: Stockton, CA 9/14/14

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