Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait

Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait

Bang it, burn it, or bounce it, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait delivers a look, sound, and action that grabs bass' attention in a wide-range of scenarios. Designed with a precisely-tuned, nose down attitude, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait maintains a natural foraging position, which is especially appetizing when it’s paused or hopped along the bottom. For an added element of attraction, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait is also fitted with a high-pitched rattle that stands out in the water and wakes fish up. Offered in a number of stunning finishes, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait will pique bass' interest and peak fish counts as well. 

 Lunkerhunt Length Weight Class
 Fillet Lipless Crank 3" 3/8oz Sinking
 Fillet Lipless Crank 3" 1oz Sinking

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8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the one oz. cast a mile and sinks fast. does not have an aggressive wobble. id even try trolling with it but it got lost on its first outing, not using it in the area it was originally intended for. bone head mistake.

From: J: CA 4/7/16

Comments: Great for shallows and fishing grass. Also good for slow rolling, vertical jigging and ripping. Stands tail up on the bottom when you kill it. I had a lot of success searching for and fishing beds in the spring with it. The slow fall works for me when the fish aren't active or when I am trying to stay in the strike zone longer. I'd also like to see a craw pattern as well as a larger size for deeper water.

From: JP: USA 6/20/14

Comments: This lure slow sinks, good for shallows, but sinks too slow for deep water

From: Lure King: Fresno, CA

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