Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait - $7.99

Bang it, burn it, or bounce it, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait delivers a look, sound, and action that grabs bass' attention in a wide-range of scenarios. Designed with a precisely-tuned, nose down attitude, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait maintains a natural foraging position, which is especially appetizing when it’s paused or hopped along the bottom. For an added element of attraction, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait is also fitted with a high-pitched rattle that stands out in the water and wakes fish up. Offered in a number of stunning finishes, the Lunkerhunt Fillet Lipless Crankbait will pique bass' interest and peak fish counts as well. 

 Lunkerhunt Length Weight Class
 Fillet Lipless Crank 3" 3/8oz Sinking

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  • Silverside
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  • Sun Perch
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Comments: Great for shallows and fishing grass. Also good for slow rolling, vertical jigging and ripping. Stands tail up on the bottom when you kill it. I had a lot of success searching for and fishing beds in the spring with it. The slow fall works for me when the fish aren't active or when I am trying to stay in the strike zone longer. I'd also like to see a craw pattern as well as a larger size for deeper water.

From: JP: USA 6/20/14

Comments: This lure slow sinks, good for shallows, but sinks too slow for deep water

From: Lure King: Fresno, CA

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