As many Great Lakes anglers know, the Goby has become a huge forage for smallmouth. A somewhat recent transplant, they are protein rich and abundant in the Great Lakes and surrounding waters. The Lunkerhunt Goby Grubs offer a tantalizing imitation - perfect for targeting smallmouth in search of easy prey. Complete with lifelike eyes, defined gills and scales, the Lunkerhunt Goby Grubs are so realistic they’ll fool fishing in the clearest of water conditions.

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4" 8

Lunkerhunt Goby Jig Trailer Video

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Used these while drop shotting for smallies and Ice fishing for white fish, they love these things.

From: Nuno: Canada

Comments: These Lunkerhunt gobies are great. I use them for drop shotting and the largemouth absolutely crush them. I would recommend these to anyone!

From: Chris: Ontario, Canada

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