So realistic they’ll fool fish in the clearest of water conditions, the Lunkerhunt Handpoured Goby measures in at 6-inches in length, providing the extra size and bulk you need when targeting those bigger, kicker fish. Deadly on a variety of rigs, drag them on the bottom, swim them over pads or along weed edges, and hang on. Smallmouth in the Great Lakes region can’t get enough of these protein rich transplants, and the king-size Lunkerhunt Handpoured Goby definitely has what it takes to get the attention of those smallmouth heavyweights.

Length Quantity
6" 5

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I got these baits which I intended to use on a drop shot but was shocked at how big they were. They are massive, thick and meaty so if you plan on using them on a drop shot, stick with the smaller ones. Don't let that be a warning not to get them though, I just had to find another use for them.

From: Matt: UT

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