A deep-water problem solver, the LureCraft's Blade Bait can plummet to a desired depth in seconds. It’s exceptional vibration drives fish wild, and like most blade baits, the LureCraft Blade Bait sinks fast, flutters when it falls, and delivers a hard, pulsating vibration when pulled through the water.

The LureCraft Blade Bait features three line-tie holes allow adjustment of the lures running depth and action. The front hole offers a shallow running and high vibration. The rear hole produces deep running and a wide slower wobbling action. The center hole is perfect fora vertical jigging technique.

Once you locate a school of baitfish on your depth finder, rip the LureCraft Blade Bait through the school and let it flutter back down, most bites occur on the fall. Bass take notice of its distressed baitfish action, and have a hard time resisting the chance at an easy meal.

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