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Built with a sleek, shaved profile, the Lurefans A9 Air Fang Jerkbait offers an amazing level of detail and an energetic action that is great for targeting suspended fish in open water or around structure. Designed with a unique weighting system, the Lurefans A9 Air Fang Jerkbait suspends with its nose up. When paused just below the surface, it's nose-up posture perfectly imitates a baitfish nosing the surface. Its advanced weighting system also allows the Lurefans A9 Air Fang Jerkbait to produces smooth, long distances casts with ease. From end-to-end, the Lurefans A9 Air Fang Jerkbait is covered in a tremendous amount of detail, including 3D eyes, ultra-refined scaling, and lifelike gill plates. Hard to find in the US, the Lurefans A9 Air Fang Jerkbait is one lure that American bass haven't seen.

Lurefans Length Weight Depth
A9 Air Fang 3-1/2" 1/3oz 2-4ft

Treble Hooks

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