The Lurefans Cunning Cub C60 is an innovative crankbait featuring a compact profile and unique shape. Deadly around stumps, rock, grass and other fish holding cover, its precise weight balancing system gives it a very unique swimming action and allows for easy casting around structure. It also produces a unique 180-degree turning action when paused on semi-slack line. A slow sinking bait, you can fish it in shallow water or out deep and allow it to sink to your desired depth. Incredibly detailed and lifelike like all Lurefans baits, it features a realistic scale pattern, 3D eyes and premium feather dressed trailer hook for additional lifelike action. Available in a range of colors, the Lurefans Cunning Cub C60 is another innovative lure from China’s Lurefans Lures.

Lurefans Length Weight Class
Cunning Cub C60 2.5" 5/16oz Slow Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: my bass club got a few of these to test out, and I tried it out today, it cast very well and has a unique swimming motion, the color I have isn't here on TW but the lure is great

From: Rudy: Tracy, CA

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