Action, action, and more action is what you get with the Lurefans F10 Force Craw. Built with a number of flailing claws, antennas, and feet, the Lurefans F10 Force Craw is a hard-to-miss target for bass lurking in laid down timber and thick cover. Designed with a hook slot on the underside and a thick body, the Lurefans F10 Force Craw makes for easy weedless rigging and is a great choice for punching, flipping, Texas-rigging, or Carolina Rigging.  Available in a wide range of colors, the Lurefans F10 Force Craw delivers an incredibly lifelike craw imitation that is perfect for more power-oriented techniques. 

Length Quantity
4" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought a pack of these to try them out in a club tournament. They have a nice profile in the water, the plastic is SLIGHTLY harder than what I normally fish but I was still comfortable throwing them. The slit in this bait makes it perfect for throwing into heavy cover and coming through clean, while also not having to skin hook the bait after every cast saving time and frustration. My only complaint is durability. The tail end is thin making it more apt to tear, but that's plastic fishing. Buy more than one pack. Youll need them.

From: MS: IA

Comments: great bait, today I was using it as a Texas rig and caught a few bass, normally I don't have much luck with soft plastics but I guess the fish really liked it

From: Rudy: Tracy, CA

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