MESU Fishing BoBad Wobble Head

One of the finest wobble heads on the market, the Mesu Baits BoBad Wobble Head works with a wide range of soft plastics to deliver a feisty, free-swinging presentation. Built using only the best components, the Mesu Baits BoBad Wobble Head features a premium clevis attached to a sticky-sharp TroKar TK-120 4/0 hook. 

A perfect match for a wide range of baits, the Mesu Baits BoBad Wobble Head imparts a lively movement to creature baits, stick baits, beavers, and many more. Made using a UV-reflective powder coating, the Mesu Baits BoBad Wobble Head is the premier choice for attacking bass that are hanging out around deep structure. 

4 pack - 3/8 & 1/2
2 pack - 3/4

2 Colors

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    Model No. 4047
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8oz4pk 03/04 $8.99
    1/2oz4pk 4 $8.99
    3/4oz2pk 2 $5.99
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    Model No. 4054
    Green Pumpkin
    Size Stock Price Qty
    3/8oz4pk 5 $8.99
    1/2oz4pk 5+ $8.99
    3/4oz2pk 5+ $5.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: best heads I have used to date. the tro kar hook has been a game changer for me better hook ups and less fish lost. thats big when money is on the line . I have to give a shout out to MESU bait company I fill like this company is on the cutting edge when it comes to fishing

From: Ben: Garnett, KS 10/12/14

Comments: by far the best swing jig head I have used to date. Now with the tro kar hook I have much better hook ups. I am constantly fishing around rocks and the paint holds up better then anything I have used. I feel that the uv coating helps on high pressure and real clear lakes. If you are not throwing MESU baits you won't catch as many fish!

From: Ben: Garnett, KS 10/11/14

Comments: great action just like biffle head but same down fall....the ring connecting the hook is prone to breaking.  If you like this style head but want it to last go with freedom hybrid jig heada. tough as nails and change profile and size on the fly

From: Mike: Coopersburg, PA 9/1/14

Comments: The paint job on this jig is great but the hook up ratio is not. The hook tends to cut its way out of the mouth of the fish. I have lost several smallmouth recently on this. I will be sticking with my custom swing heads with a Mustad hook.

From: Alex: Mooresville, IN 7/23/14

Comments: these have been my go to baits for years. It's a very versatile system, pitching shallow cover or fishing deep structure. By changing the weight and the plastic you can cover it all. Great components and paint make them better than similar jig heads.

From: Beau: Haysville State, KS

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