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When the original Alabama rig came out it changed the game - now with the Mann's Alabama Rig 5 - it’s about to change again. Re-engineered and expertly tuned, the Mann’s Alabama Rig 5 takes the original design of the Alabama rig and beefs it up for improved performance and improved results. The five-prong design remains the same, but now additional teasers have been added along the length of each prong, helping Alabama Rig 5 more accurately mimic a small bait ball. The added teasers can even be adjusted and moved along the length of each wire for added versatility. The 32-piece kit can be rigged to fish basically any depth and comes with everything you need to get started. With its innovative design and professionally crafted details, the Mann’s Alabama Rig 5 gives anglers a competitive edge when fishing gets tough.

- 5 Jig Heads with 3/0 Hooks
- 4 Jig Heads without Hooks
- 4 Screw locks
- 4 Snaps for Spinnerbait Blades
- Nine 4” Hardnose Grubs

Mann's Middle Wire Length Outer Wire Length
Alabama Rig 6"  8" 

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