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The components for The Alabama Rig Accessory Kit were chosen by Paul Elias and Andy Poss. These are the items they use when throwing The Alabama-Rig. The kit contains five of the Mann’s Hardnose 4.5" swimbaits and five of the 1/4oz The Alabama-Rig Jig Heads.

The jig heads were designed to provide the weight and style needed for maximum performance of the rig, and the swimbaits have the patented HardNose feature that prevents them from sliding down the jig heads on the cast. Both the jig heads and the swimbaits are only available in Pearl to fit all different rig colors and conditions.

Don't get fooled by imitations. Use only the original The Alabama Rig and The Alabama Rig Accessory Kit for maximum results.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought the accessories package...5 jig heads and 5 plastic swim baits. They were solid white with no marking..detail...colors,etc. They said it's so we can customize the "look"!! Give me a break! Should I pull out my sharpies and start coloring....booooo!! Tom mann would be embarrassed! Always empower the customer!!!!!

From: David: TX

Comments: Good hooks, poor lead mold and poor soft plastic mold.  Looks like someone's garage work.  However it does work quite well.  Just would like to see more attention to detail for the price.

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