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This is the bait Mike Iaconnelli used to win the 2003 Bassmaster Classic. The Mann's Baby -1 is one of the hottest shallow running crankbaits on the tournament trail today, and for good reason. The one-piece molded body and lip are extremely strong and the thick paint and finish are chip-resistant. Throw the Mann's Baby -1 over submerged grass, across shallow flats and around stumps for rod busting strikes from hungry shad eating bass.

Mann's Length Weight Cranking Depth Belly Hook Tail Hook
Baby -1 2 1/4" 1/4oz 0-1 feet #4 #6

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Bone Orange Belly
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Mann's Baby 1- Crankbaits

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  • Bone Orange Belly
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  • Delta Special
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  • Fire Redd Fluorescent
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  • Fire Shad
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  • Green Shad Chartreuse
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  • Grey Ghost Crytaglow
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  • Lemon Shad Crystaglow
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  • Pearl Black Back Crystaglow
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  • Tennessee Shad Crystaglow
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Comments: This is my go to shallow crank! Perfect for pond fishing and big water as well. You can't beat these for the price and they just keep catching fish!

From: Josh: Georgetown, KY

Comments: This little guy is my favorite bait to throw! It has caught so many good fish for me that I can't leave home without it,from dinks to 6+ lbs. on this little crank. I mostly use the fire shad color or any chartruse variation of it,casts well and runs straight out of the box. Great crank bait!!!

From: Charlie: Trenton, NJ

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