Mann's Baby 1- Elite Series Crankbaits - $5.29

 The world-renowned shallow-running Baby 1-Minus baits from Mann's are now available in an amazing new series that will add a whole new dimension to your fishing experience. The new Baby 1-Minus Elite Series encompasses the same fish-catching performance features of the original, but with new colors and finishes that will entice fish like never before. From textured bodies and 3D eyes to extra-strong red hooks, every Elite Series baby 1-Minus is loaded to the gills. Choose from 8 super-hot new colors, each finished with astounding detail using the most advanced paints and eyes. The Baby 1-Minus Elite Series from Mann's. Realism and performance like no fish has ever seen before. 

Mann's Length Weight Cranking Depth Belly Hook Tail Hook
Baby -1 2 1/4" 1/4oz 0-1 feet #4 #6

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Mann's Baby 1- Elite Series Crankbaits

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  • American Shad
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  • Aurora Black
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  • Baby Bass
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  • Bluegill
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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Matte Tiger
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  • Purple Passion
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  • Rootbeer Chartreuse
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  • Spring Craw
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  • Texas Sunrise
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  • Winter Craw
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Comments: such a great bait so many ppl just pass this bait up and don't look twice what a huge mistake this bait is gonna catch bass it's an awesome crank. Root beer chart never fails in the dog days of summer.

From: Mojo Bass: Bakersfield, CA 4/13/15

Comments: Great little bait. Killer for river smallies, has a tight little wiggle rock and roll action. Tie one on they're great.

From: Nathan: Saginaw, MI

Comments: I have had one of these tied on for two years fish tidal potomac my best crank bait the paint is half wore out but still brings me in the boat! I always have three extra on the boat thanks Mann!!!!

From: Spotsylvania, VA

Comments: Awesome. i have used the 1 minus before but this goes about 1/4 below the surface. Tidal potomac grass bed. landed 4 missed 3 more in 20 minutes of fishing, sun came back out and the bite turned off. no dinks all were 3 pounders.

From: Mike: Woodbridge, VA

Comments:  Beasty crankbait for pond fishing!

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