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Mann's Depth Plus Series Crankbaits - $7.99

The Mann's Depth Plus Series Crankbaits are floating, rattling divers, designed to run to a designated depth - deeper than most crankbaits. The 20+ was the first to break the elusive 20-foot mark and is a favorite of bass tournament anglers, while the 30+ is the deepest diver in its class. The patented Davis System Lip allows for greater depth with less resistance than you'll find with other crankbaits on the market. Trolling and long casts with lighter line assure deeper operating ranges. Mann's Lures set the standard for deep running crankbaits.

Mann's  Length Weight Depth Class Hook
20+ 3" 5/8oz 20+ft Floating #1
30+ 3-1/4" 3/4oz 30+ft Floating #1

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Comments: Purchased the 30+ hoping to hit bottom at a local lake but barely got bottom in 17 ft with it. Highly disappointed and has been taken out of my box. Norman DD22's, Pre-Rapala Storm Mag Warts, Bombers, Strike Kings are all better options to hit that 17-20 range.

From: Bryan: Bloomingdale, IL

Comments: Good fish catchers for the money. Just don't dive past 16 feet or so on a long cast with 12lb fluorocarbon.

From: Joe: ME

Comments: It's a poor quality crankbait, it does not run even close to what Mann's claims, I fished the 30+ in 17 ft of water and it did not touch the bottom, spend your money on Norman DD 22s.

From: JF: NY

Comments: Huge deep diver, just doesnt get the depth that the bait promises. I fished it at a local quarry lake and in the area that was about 25 ft deep the Mann 30+ wasnt even hitting bottom. Also agree with Pete about the Eyes, Mann could have done a little better.

From: Bryan: IL

Comments: These are nice quality lures and they really get down deep - however - could you spend the extra 2 cents and install some nice glass eyes...These cheezy red eyes make the lure look cheap. I put my own on.  Dont know if it causes any more strikes, but it sure makes ME feel better.

From: Pete

Comments: Bass down here in south texas falcon lake! LOVE ITTTT

From: Ruben: Laredo, TX

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Brown Crawfish
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Mann's Depth Plus Series Crankbaits

8 Available Colors

  • Brown Crawfish
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 1
    30+ 1
  • Chrome Blue Back
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 2
    30+ 5+
  • Fire Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 1
    30+ 11/07
  • Green Shad Chartreuse
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 5
    30+ 5+
  • Grey Ghost Crytaglow
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 5+
    30+ 11/07
  • Ol' Homer
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 2
    30+ 5
  • Pearl Blue Back Crystalglow
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 10/18
    30+ 2
  • Tennessee Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    20+ 4
    30+ 5+

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