Mann's Super Frog

Please Note: Cypress colors may vary

Finding a lure to effectively fish in dense vegetation almost always comes down to a hollow body. The Mann's Super Frog features high-quality construction, twin skirted legs and a premium hook. The Super Frog comes in some standard frog colors and some never before seen colors. The Mann's Super Frog allows an angler to fish a premium frog at a reasonable price.

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The super frog is my absolute favorite frog! The frog is soft and the hooks very sharp, it has a great hook up ratio, Not going to lie I live in a area with a lot of pickerel so it does develop some holes after those toothy critters get at it. But for the price point I just buy extras for when it starts filling up with water. It isn't the prettiest frog but it gets the job done for me, I prefer the bullfrog color

From: Zach: PA 2/21/17

Comments: Great frog for the cheap price. It's not difficult to walk and does not take on water. I have been thoroughly surprised with the hook up ratio as well.. still haven't missed a fish on it 6/6

From: Austin: Sylacauga, AL 6/8/15

Comments: Good frog but fills with water every couple of cast, to fix this put some super glue on the tip and we're the hooks come out I do this with all my frog even my live targets and strike kings make sure you have 50 lb braid if you are using these in Lilly's or heavy cover and make sure to bring a black sharpie to color your line and the bottom of your black frogs when the paint wears off for the frogs that this happens to.

From: Jorden: AL 4/29/14

Comments: There are plenty of 7 to 10 dollar frogs out there that aren't as good as this frog. Is it koppers level quality? No but its better than some of the other major brand frogs out there that's for sure.  I use this frog all the time, come tourney time I use koppers but any other time I use this frog.

From: Jack: NC

Comments: cheap, cheap frog, dont waste your money, hooks did never stay put and would always flip over and reposition thereselves, cheap design, buy a spro bronzeye

From: Nathan: GA

Comments: Aint nothin wrong with this frog. Walks just fine on braid. Hook is stout. Slip a worm rattle in there...why not? KABOOM!

From: Meatewad: in the pads

Comments: Ive never used these frogs... but im impressed with the colors. All I want you guys to know is that even the $10 SPRO Frogs fill up with water every couple cast.

From: Devin

Comments: GREAT FROG!!! awesome action in the legs. the best way to fish this bait in my opinion is to make a cast into an opining between the lilies and work it like a popper. nailed a 5lb lm on my first hour out with the bullfrog color. buy a couple and catch big bass!

From: Dave: Tuckerton, NJ

Comments: This is a great frog for the money. Yeah, it fills up with water after a few casts, and you'll have to squeeze it ever so often to get the accumulated water out, but guess what? Most frogs on the market are like that. All that aside, I just caught a 12 pounder on a Cypress colored Mann's Super Frog! I've caught many nice fish on these frogs - I.e. hogs to dinks. They catch fish, and are very durable. So, you may have to squeeze them out from time to time, but they flat out work - especially on top of heavily matted vegetation. Pick up a few and use them. You won't regret it.

From: Shawn: Tampa, FL

Comments: Good price, it can walk and spit but has to be drained multiple times in a trip. (not so easy to walk than a bully wa or a mad maxx frog) But for the price you get a good product that catches a lot of fish in a good variety of colors.

From: Fab: France

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