Mann’s has a constant need to provide anglers with the most effective lures on the market, and as the old adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” From the trendsetters that brought us the Alabama Rig comes the Mann’s Three For All – a solitary, soft plastic that’s made to imitate a small school of baitfish. In order to keep all three minnow-shaped attractors swimming separately, Mann’s utilizes their patented Hardnose molding process, which also gives it a great action at any retrieve speed. The jig head affixed at the front of the Mann’s Three For All is equipped with a single-strand weedguard that keeps it from getting hung up in the muck and the mire. For those who want the fish-catching capability of a schooling rig, but don’t agree with the multi-hook approach, the Mann’s Three For All is the perfect solution. Delivering three-times the action of any other swimbait on the  market, the Mann’s Three For All could very well be the next big thing. 

Package Includes:

-one rigged lure
-two spare bodies

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I don't understand why anyone would ever purchase this product. I got one in a grab bag for free and figured i would save everyone else the embarrassment. I made three casts. One cast, came through the water spinning like it was a spinner blade. Cast number 2. tilts very hard to one side. I rehook the bait and center it as best I can. Cast three. spinning again. I made one more cast, without it tied on. More of a toss really, right into the trash.

From: Unknown: Baltimore, MD 4/28/14

Comments: swims terrible, even tried a swivel and still swims terrible. Do not buy this!

From: Miguel: FL

Comments: Been throwing this for the past two weeks with a fair amount of success. Along with what everyone else says they don't always swim true and you have to adjust them after every couple casts. Gets old but it has been catching fish if its swimming correctly.

From: Tyler: Kimberling City, MO

Comments: Not to impressed with this bait,i dont like the action of the bait because it tilts and looks like a spinning cannonball in the water. Then theres the hook up ratio problem because only one part of the bait can be hooked and that leaves two exposed baits swimming around, And $7.00 for one soft bait that doesnt have any action i dont think so.

From: Chris: AL

Comments: Very disappointed!  Doesn't swim true (tilts to one side) and not appealing in the water.

From: Neal: Overland Park, KS


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