Finally, swimbaits that actually look like a yellow perch, walleye, and a yellow bass. These baits are specifically made for East Coast fisherman that are looking to throw swimbaits. Mattlures Perch Series baits represent some of the most common forage fish from the Midwest to the East Coast.

Mattlures Length Weight Class
Perch Series 6" 1.5oz Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Well, it catches fish for sure. They react to it better than any other swimbait. BUT... It spirals like its dead on the fall, and I can't get it to stand up on the bottom for the life of me. It also snags more than anything else because the head will catch, and pivot the hook into any piece of cover present. It catches them like crazy slow-rolled in open water right above the bottom though... They hit it so well not because it matches the baitfish, (I don't have yellow perch) but because no other bait has fins this large and well-detailed. It also has not only a good tail action, but a nice body roll. In conclusion: only one practical application for this bait, but it'll out produce anything else in that situation.

From: Stuffy Da Bear

Comments: What can I say. This is my very first Mattlures swimbait and I am a bit dissapointed. For the price that its at, I expected much more. Yes, the bait looks real but the paint comes off way to easily. On the fall it would spiral down. On a slow retrieve the tail would not kick and it swim on its side. I had to modify it and so far so good but I expect more at the price that it is at. Heard the tournament series is a lot better will give that a try.

From: Adrian: Seattle, WA

Comments: Got a lot of strikes. Caught some fish. Pretty good bait, but got beat up pretty fast. Used mend it to swap a new tail twice already. I'm wondering if the Hudds are more durable. Decent bait overall. I'm not convinced these are any better than Storm Live series baits.

From: KH: PA

Comments: I don't wanna say too much about this lure because were still in tournament season......If u don't have this Mattlures 6 inch Perch Series Swimbait then your losing to someone who does.......

From: Kev: Pennsylvania

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