The ultra-realistic Mattlures Bluegill Series baits have been a huge success with pro and amateur anglers all over the US since they were introduced in 2004. The Baby Bass Series of Mattlures Swimbaits will also be a money bait in tournaments all over the country, especially during the summer and fall months when baby bass swarm in our lakes and the big fish are using them as forage. Each bait is molded with the correct fin pattern of the fish they represent and the plastic and paint combination creates an effect that looks like the real thing, especially in the water. These swimbaits will also do a good job of representing more general forage species and their natural swimming action make them deadly around grass and other cover that young and small fish use to hide in.

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Baby Bass 5" 1.5oz Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I caught my second biggest bass last year on this bait. I love it! You can catch fish on them year round, but I think it really shines in Summer.

From: Marco: Portugal 3/10/14

Comments: Great bait, and ultra real looking.  Second fish I caught on it was a 4lber and ripped a gash in it.  Threw it again smaller fish bit tail off.  Would be a good idea to get some glue. Have to decide if one fish on a $12 bait is ok with you.  It is with me, Ill buy another, hopefully it will last longer!

From: Jacob: Randlett, OK

Comments: Fantastic bait. I usually fish it slow, with great results.

From: Mel: Oceanside, CA

Comments: horrible bait to slow roll on bottom.. bait falls over on side and drags.. will not sit upright.. and the tail will not kick at any slow speed.

From: Adam: Nor Cal

Comments: this bait is good i had some nice fish on this swimbait i'm going to get some more of these swimbaits good bait

From: Chauncey: VA

Comments: Hands-down, one of the best fish-catchers I have ever tied on! Swim it, or slow-roll it over rocks, stumps, etc., and they will thump it! Throw it and hold on tight!

From: Jeff: Roanoke, VA

Comments:I love this little guy. I have hung some real hawgs with this little swim bait.

From:Tim: Grayson, GA

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