The Mattlures Baby Hardgill Swimbaits are the baby brother to the original Mattlures Hardgills. Providing the same proven fish catching action - now available in a bite-sized offering. Assembled from a custom blend of resins and are arguably the most durable swimbaits on the market. Each tail is constructed from rubber, not plastisol, increasing durability while preventing color change over time. Each Mattlures Baby Hardgill Swimbait offers paint schemes that are taxidermy-quality, utilizing two layers of a glossy yet durable coat, bringing out all the colors and pearls of the paint.

Mattlures Length Weight
Baby Hardgill 4.5" 1 oz

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Caught Hundreds of bass on this bait, the bait its self is durable, the paint is not. but even without paint i still caught fish on it, gets bites everywhere.

Comments: By far the best hard bluegill swim bait on the market. It is bullet proof and the best numbers swim bait I have fished. Don't listen to phony reviews from guys affiliated with other brands. It's sad that they post bad reviews against the leading bait. So far I have had my bait about two months and have caught aproxamately 40 bass up to 7 lbs 9oz. with most of those fish being over 3 lbs. The bait doesn't even have a chip in it yet. I highly recomend it.

From: Mike: CA

Comments: Amazing Swim, and catches tons of fish, durability is amazing of the actual bait just not the paint

Comments: Not what I was expecting, the bait broke the first trip. Not pleased, tail of the last joint didnt move

From: Rider

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