Discontinued Colors - On Sale for $15.88 - Crappie, Female Bluegill & Red Ear Sunfish.

The Matt Lures lineup of swimbaits have proven to be fish catchers in the real-life world of tournament fishing. These ultra-realistic looking baits are compact and cast well and when they swim through the water they look like a bluegill, a sunfish, or a crappie, and big bass are always hungry for this kind of a meal. Imagine slowly swimming one of these realistic looking soft plastic lures past a brushpile or over submerged grass, hungry bass will be all over it!

Bed fishermen have really put the Matt Lure baits to good use as well. We all know bass hate pesky little fish around their spawning beds and the Matt Lure may be the best bed fish bait ever. When you drop the Matt Lure bait on the bottom, the buoyant tail makes the bait land with a nose down attitude, just like a bluegill feasting on bass eggs, something a bass can't stand.

The Mattlures 5 inch Blue Blegill bait comes with a big, black nickel hook on the back and an attachment point for a split ring and treble hook on the bottom.

Mattlures Length Weight Class
Bluegill 4.75" 1oz Sinking

Tilapia on Sale for $15.88

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great bait if you are looking for some monster bass bu u need to have a heavy duty pole with so 60-75 pound braid for it to have the best actin thtthose big bass crave for. so if u looking for a great bass bait this is the one u will get your moneys worth outa it

From: Tyler: Bric, NJ

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