The Mattlures Hard Bluegill Swimbaits baits swim effortlessly and will easily do a 180 degree turn with a twitch on slack line. The baits are made from a composite material so you never have to worry about water damage. The paint schemes are taxidermy-quality and each bait has two coats of a very strong and glossy clear coat that brings out all the colors and pearls of the paint.

Length: 5-3/4"
Floaters: 1.65 oz
Sinking: 1.9oz. (1ft/s)

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have nicknamed my floater Matty Ice for producing in dead calm conditions.  You can get some holy grail kinda confidence by playing around with different sized hooks to imitate a surface feeding bluegill, tail down head up near the surface.

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua, NH

Comments: Worth every penny. These are the most productive hard swim baits I have fished, and I have fished most of them. The flat out catch fish!

From: Rodger81: Dallas, TX

Comments: In warmer water temps this lure has awesome drawling power! You'll catch 1 pounders to the biggest bass in the lake. It get's a lot of followers as well. If you don't catch em, you'll find out where those bigger fish are living. It's a very versatile lure as well. It can trick with the best of em'. I highly recommend the sinking hardgill. I will be getting a floater for night fishing next summer for sure! Every person I took out on my little boat this summer was amazed how it looks in the water. I think my buddy Josh said it best ''I'd eat that!''. Have faith, throw this and you'll catch big fish.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: I love these gill baits they are really great. I used them a ton, before I got my Freestyle gill. I have nothing but good things to say about the hardgill. Great bait. P.S. Mike(review below) if you are serious about not using your freestyle bluegill and you are one swimbait underground message me at Luke V. I am definitely interested if you legitimately do not use it.

From: Luke: Westlake, CA

Comments: I can't say enough about these baits. I had a few of the old versions and I loved them because they caught so many fish. I did have a fin chip on a bad cast into some rocks but it was a hard cast. I have these new versions and they are bullet proof. I have hit rocks,docks, and even a metal pole without even a scratch. I own every brand of swim bait out there and this bait has been out fishing the other top brands of bluegill baits 5 to 1. I don't even use my Freestyle gill anymore. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.

From: Mike: San Diego, CA

Comments:  I can't get enough of these baits! I've got the floater and the slow sinker, and they are friggin awesome. The only issue I've had is that I dropped it on concrete when I was tying it on, and the last piece cracked in two. I glued it back together and it was fine. The day after I got stuck in a tree and whipped it out. The bait rapped off concrete and skidded a ways. Picked it up expecting death to this 55$ bait and there wasn't a scratch. Literally. Well made bait, swims more realistic than ANYTHING I've ever seen. Will hold up fish after fish... just don't drop it.

From: Chris: MA

Comments: Nice looking baits. But lacks the quality to last long season after season. I too also had my hardgill crack on the dorsal fin and the front eyelet to tie on the material used for these baits started to wear and erode away at the eyelet. i used some leaklock epoxy to repair that, but for a $50 bait I shouldnt have to make repairs on it. The quality should already be put into it. Ill stick to the tylure sunbaits as they are built better and to me have better action. Might not be as pretty but its cheaper and is quality from front to back.

From: Sam: Orland Park, IL

Comments:Beautiful looking baits! In the California Delta areas where I fish I prefer the Male Bluegill and the Redear Sunfish. I've gotten hits constantly on the floating version, especially at dusk. The profile of the bait when it's passing over a bass must be pretty tempting to ol' bucketmouth! If she doesn't get the bait ALL the way you WILL miss some! But, I guess that goes for ALL BIG BAITS w/ hanging treble hooks...otherwise, extremely great baits.

From:Orlando "The CoCo Kid" California Delta

Comments:I have used Matt's Soft and Ultimate Series Bluegills for several years now with great success. I'll continue to use the Soft Body Bluegill for gigging in deep water, but the slow sink and fast sink Hard Bluegills work incredibly well with moderate and fast retrieves in all levels of water. The Hard Bluegill's durability and effectiveness make them a deal at twice the cost.

From:Steve: Sacramento, CA

Comments:These Hard Gill baits are absolutely THE BOMB! Not only are they esthetically amazing, both of mine (slow-sink and waking) swam perfectly out of the box. I have caught dozens of quality fish on both and they are still performing perfectly. They have become my most productive summer-time swimbaits. I can hardly wait for Matt to come out with a fast-sink version so I can fish them in deeper water. Awesome baits.

From:Tree: Rancho Murieta

Comments:This bait looks awesome, however its build quality doesn't match. I bought 2 of these, on one, the joints kept coming open and apart so had to gorilla glue that. On the other bait, the top and bottom fins had cracked and chipped, now it swims funny. Not worth the money if your going to fish it, for display, you can't go wrong its sweet looking.

From:Ben: Lockport, IL

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