Megabass Baby Pop X - $16.99

The Megabass Baby Pop-X delivers the same great topwater disturbance as its big brother - the Megabass Pop-X - now in a scaled down package. Perfect for targeting bass that are keying in on smaller forage, it was built by master lure-designer Yuki Ito.

The Megabass Baby Pop-X offers a well-defined pop that moves water and turns bass’ attention towards the surface, as well as a crisp walk-the-dog action. The Megabass Baby Pop-X also facilitates long-distance casts and comes with a feathered rear treble that adds to its already-appetizing presentation. Offered in a number of detailed color patterns, the Megabass Baby Pop-X is proof that big things do in fact come in small packages.  

Megabass  Length Weight Class
Baby Pop X  2" 3/16oz Topwater 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Elegy Bone
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Megabass Baby Pop X

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  • Elegy Bone
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  • Galaxy Smoke
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  • GG. Bass
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  • GG. Gill
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  • GP Pro Blue 2
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  • Kohoku Reaction
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  • Matte Tiger
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  • Megabass Sexy Shad
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