Small yet potent, the Megabss Baby X-Plose packs all of the highly effective characteristics of its big brother, the Megabass X-Plose into a bite-sized package that’s perfect for the Japanese technique of “spybaiting.” From the moment they enter the water, the patent-pending tri-leaf prop blades create a unique, never-before-seen type of underwater disturbance. In addition, the tri-leaf propellers also allow the Megabass Baby X-Plose to maintain its targeted depth, even with a brutally slow retrieve. Constructed with a patented shaft-balancer system along the belly, the Megabass Baby X-Plose produces incredibly long casts, and generates a subtle sway on the descent that perfectly mimics a weakened baitfish. Offered in a number of hand painted colors, the Megabass Baby X-Plose is the perfect tool for tricking finicky bass into biting. 

 Megabass Length Weight Class
Baby X-Plose  2-3/4" 3/16oz Sinking 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It doesnt work like my spinbait80 I have.  Nothing close. prop blade make the bait run high in the water column.  Cool finishe. Same high price for as all my megabass but little return on investment this time. I am not impressed.

From: Dan: NE

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