Megabass Deep-X150 Crankbait - $20.99

Continuing the revolutionary deep cranking performance of Megabass' Deep-X series, the Megabass Deep-X 150 Crankbait effectively covers water from 3ft all the way down to 14ft. The most versatile of the Deep-X series, the Megabass Deep-X 150 slides sideways when it encounters structure, delivering an action that the most seasoned bass haven’t seen before. An excellent search bait, the Deep-X 150 Crankbait is precisely tuned and equipped with a Multiway Moving Balancer System for increased casting distances and optimum balance. Extremely versatile, the Megabass Deep-X 150 Crankbait allows you to cover the depth range of multiple crankbaits with a single lure. Incredibly detailed and available in a wide range of Megabass colors, the Megabass Deep-X 150 Crankbait also comes equipped with super sharp #6 Katsuge Out-Barb Treble Hooks.

Megabass Length Weight Depth Class
Deep-X 150 2-1/2" 1/2oz 14ft Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Megabass Deep-X150 Crankbait

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  • Gill
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  • GP. Pro Blue
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  • Ito Wakasagi
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  • M Threadfin Shad
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  • Megabass Sexy Shad
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  • PM Setsuki Ayu
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  • PM. Threadfin Shad
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  • Sexy French Pearl
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  • ST Shad
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