A long-time favorite among Megabass anglers, the Megabass Deep-X 200T was one of the first crankbaits in its depth category to feature a truly realistic baitfish profile. Sporting Megabass’ Multi-Way Moving Balancer System (PAT.), the tungsten balancers move to the tail for perfect, long-distance casts, then quickly roll to the front as you start your retrieve, powering the Deep-X 200T down to its target depth faster than most baits in its class.

Especially effective with a medium, stop-and-go retrieve, or a slow, steady retrieve with slight twitches of the rod tip during brief pauses, it also has incredibly high buoyancy characteristics which allow it to float up and out of snags. When the Deep-X 200T is out of its target range and on its way up, the balancers slide to the rear, allowing for a faster retrieve and quicker re-load.

Incredibly versatile, it can fished in water depths of 5ft to 14ft. This makes it an excellent choice for fishing ledges, rocky or sandy banks, points, and grass-beds. Megabass Pro Staffers have also reported great results with the Deep-X 200T while fishing through standing timber. Beautifully designed and crafted like all Megabass lures, the Megabass Deep-X 200T Crankbait is offers a realistic profile, action and diving ability that can't be beat.

Megabass Length Weight Depth Class
Deep-X 200T 2-3/4" 1/2oz 14ft Floating

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