Megabass completely broke down the structure of past bass rods in the creation of the new Megabass Destroyer Black Jungle Casting Rods. The sole focus of the project: catching world record bass. Monsters beyond what have been encountered, monsters living in seemingly impenetrable jungle cover. Field-tested by renowned Japanese trophy bass hunter, Tetsuya Nakamura, he targeted only the largest bass in Japan’s famed big fish impoundment, Lake Biwa, during testing. The extreme strength and power of each rod only increases as the rod bends, and the extraordinary, lightweight construction puts past big game rods to shame. Whether you choose coax frogs across matted jungles of vegetaion, crank deep into the previously unreachable darkness or slow roll huge swimbaits, each rod delivers astounding sensitivity with the power potential to whip around the heads of giant fish. Go toe-to-toe in the deepest, darkest, nastiest cover with the biggest bass on earth. Harness the power of the Black Jungle. The expertise of Megabass engineers and the skill of Tesuya Nakamura are behind you with the Megabass Destroyer Black Jungle Casting Rods.

-Advanced Four Graphite Layer plus Four-Axis Wrapped Blanks
-Fuji Stainless Frame Concept Guides with SiC inserts
-Fuji TCS-17 & ECS-17 Reel Seats
-End-Balancer System - Each model carefully balanced for optimal performance

-Backed by Megabass of America Three-Year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I fish from a kayak so I'm limited on how many rods I can carry with me. Have to agree with Ryan this rod will help you replace a couple of rods. This rod does everything you want to do. I use it with swimbaits, flipping jigs, 5" senkos, punching, dragging football jigs, frogs, and 1/2oz. rat-l-traps.

From: Randy: Tampa, FL 12/29/14

Comments: I have a Black Jungle and it is by far the best rod I've ever used. I throw everything, 1/2oz footballs, Yum Money Minnows, Mattlures U2's, 3:16 Wakes, 1/2oz flipping jigs, 6XD's, 5" Senkos, the list goes on.  The stated weight range is no joke, it will handle baits within that range with ease.  Sensitivity is amazing.  Paired with a Zillion Type-R it balances perfect.  The reel seat has red flakes in it that match with the Type-R's red accents as well.  The taper is fast enough for flipping jigs, but moderate enough to run cranks or swimbaits.  There isn't a USDM rod taper that compares.  Construction is exquisite.  They don't call it the Power Versatile for nothing!  This rod will take the place of 2-3 technique specific rods easily.

From: Ryan: East Wentachee, WA 4/25/14

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