FLW Tour pro and Megabass pro staffer, Shinichi Fukae is one of the best in the business when it comes to finesse fishing. He honed his skills on the highly pressured, highly competitive waters of Japan, and brought them to the US where he has amassed a substantial number of victories, as well as, the 2004 FLW Angler of the Year title. The Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 Spinning Rods are the rods he has relied on during his years on tour, and they are the embodiment of his fishing philosophy and professional know-how. Offering technique specification you have to feel to believe, whether you like to throw a shaky head, wacky rig or drop shot, even the most discerning anglers will appreciate the refinement and attention-to-detail of the Destroyer Orochi X4 Spinning Rods. The Hi-Tension, Hi-Torque X4-Matrix blanks feature a 6-braid construction, composed of a 2-Braided XX-Micro Carbon Fiber interior surrounded by 4-Braided Carbon Graphite. This Megabass exclusive design is then tailored to a specific application to provide just the right tip, flex and handling. Not to mention extreme sensitivity and strength - with the power  and play to tame the largest beasts at the end of light lines. Born out of the grueling tournament trails of the US and Japan, the Megabass Destroyer Orochi X4 Spinning Rods are custom-level rods built to win.

-Hi-Tension, Hi-Torque X4-Matrix Blanks - 6-braid construction, composed of a 2-Braided XX-Micro Carbon Fiber interior surrounded by 4-Braided Carbon Graphite
-Fuji Stainless Steel Guides with SiC Inserts at New Fuji Concept Spacing
-Fuji ECS-16 Reel Seats
-End Balancer - Each model is carefully balanced for optimal performance

-Backed by Megabass of America Three-Year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: icked up the 7'Hyena Yuki Ito Special this past spring, all I can Say is Wow. This rod is not only beautifully crafted, well balanced and light - but its also super comfortable to fish with and delivers the sensitivity you can expect from a 350$ Spinning rod. Stood up to the rigors of a week at the legendary St. Clair between the fish and the waves, it takes a heck of a piece of equipment to do that. Fished a dropshot with it predominately and has done nothing but impress me so far. Only bad thing about it is the fact it has no hook keeper. Awesome rod! Absolutely worth checking out.

From: Bassman: MI 6/8/15

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