Megabass Destroyer Phase 3 Casting Rods - $499.00 to $520.00

Megabass Destroyer Phase 3 Casting Rods

The Megabass Destroyer Phase 3 Casting Rods deliver award-winning performance and precision engineering for the most competitive bass anglers. Offering an aggressive power-to-weight ratio you have to feel to believe, each rod also provides intense sensitivity that transmits the underwater water world in brilliant resolution. The advanced Hi Compression Coreplex Graphite Blanks feature 4 graphite layers of differing elasticity wrapped with 4-axis of high rigidity carbon composite. Each blank is then finished with a high-grade resin micro pitch taping system for maximum durability. Technique specific right down to the handle and reel seat designs, the actions and tapers have been refined and tested in the toughest conditions and most challenging levels of competition. Each rod is also carefully balanced for optimal performance thanks to Megabass’ End-Balancer System. Fuji Titanium SIC Guides are also positioned along each blank to maximize the attributes of each rod and increase casting distance. When fishing gets tough, take it up a phase with the Megabass Destroyer Phase 3 Casting Rods.

Directability Reel Fitting System DRF - designed to increase leverage by allowing for superior ergonomics, increasing the palmable area of the reel, and thereby comfort and grip. DRF also alows maximum blank exposure for direct contact and increased sensitivity

Stealth Fit Reel Seat - Maximizes direct contact area of the reel foot and rod blank to increase stability, and increase vibration transmission. Originally designed for the ARMS series, the Stealth Fit Housing is now crafted to Megabass specs by Fuji.

End Balancer - Each model is carefully balanced for optimal performance.

Dredge Finger Handle - (Available on F2-60X, F3-67X, F4-62X) Custom-shaped rear grip design features a "dredge" directly behind the reel seat, set at a diameter that is optimized for maximum gripping potential of pinky and ring finger, increasing leverage and lessening fatigue.

-Backed by Megabass of America Three-Year Warranty

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Destroyer Phase 3 6'10" Elseil

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 8-20lb 1/4-3/4oz 8+Tip Phase 3 Cast A
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14" $499.00
Phase 3 Cast A

F4-610X - Elseil - Built with a slightly faster taper than the Elsiel from the Evoluzion series, the Elseil features a light tip that allows anglers to detect the softest bites. Great for light cranks, small spinnerbaits, sinking worms, and light Texas-rigs, the Elseil is the rod you want on the deck when competition gets stiff. 

Destroyer Phase 3 6'8" The Griffon

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 6-14lb 3/16-5/8oz 8+Tip Phase 3 Cast A
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14" $499.00
Phase 3 Cast A

F3-68X - The Griffon - Sensitive, light, and surprisingly powerful, The Griffon is designed specifically for high-speed cranking. Capable of delivering long distance casts, The Griffon is perfect for small, flat-sided, and even deep diving crankbaits. 

Destroyer Phase 3 6'9" Super Destroyer

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 12-25lb 1/4-1 1/4oz 8+Tip Phase 3 Cast B
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15-1/2" $499.00
Phase 3 Cast B

F6-69X - Super Destroyer  - The Super Destroyer is built with an incredibly light frame and a fast taper that produces instantaneous hook sets. Designed with an impressive power-to-weight ratio, the featherlight Super Destroyer also boasts the backbone necessary to land trophy fish. 

Destroyer Phase 3 7'7" Record Breaker

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 12-30lb 3/8-2oz 9+Tip Phase 3 Cast D
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16-1/2" $520.00
Phase 3 Cast D

F7-77X - Record Breaker - An upgraded version of Aaron Marten’s favorite rod, the Record Breaker features an ergonomic grip that eliminates the stress from a long day of throwing swimbaits or flipping. Designed with the Directability Reel Fitting System (D.R.F), the Record Breaker delivers a responsive feel that’s unlike any other telescoping rod on the market. *Telescopic*

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Comments: Picked up the 7'7 Record Breaker. What an awesome rod!! Incredibly sensitive and lightweight for a rod that size. Pitches like a dream! Hoping to pick up some more MB rods in the future.

From: Will: Sacramento, CA 9/13/14

Comments: The Nautilus is one bad a$$ bottom contact rod. It also works well for light to medium duty pitch. To be honest it's very versatile. I haven't tried it for everything else yet, but we'll see soon.

From: Bay Area,Ca

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