Megabass reached out to their US pros, Luke Clausen and Aaron Martens to help improve and refine the Megabass Destroyer Tomahawk GTA Casting Rods for American-style cranking and reaction bait fishing. A new arrival to the US, the Megabass Destroyer Tomahawk GTA Casting Rods have already captured the hearts of Japanese crankbait experts. Their world-first PBO Composite Glass Blanks feature cutting-edge Z-PBO Fibers combined Torquey Glass Fiber blanks to deliver ideal glass actions and feel, combined with the lightweight power and strength of carbon. Featuring a total weight that is an astonishing 69% that of the average Megabass glass cranking rod, the blanks maximize and accentuate the action of your crankbaits, spinnerbaits and jerkbaits, while also providing the fish fighting power and the proper amount of play to land the biggest fish. Yuki Ito and the next generation Megabass design team even took into account reel speed, water resistance and a range of other factors in an effort to help you fish the Tomahawk GTA’s all day with minimal fatigue and unprecedented success. Miraculous rods honed on the waters of Japan and the US, the Megabass Destroyer Tomahawk GTA Casting Rods deliver performance for the highest levels of competition.

-Z-PBO Composite Glass Blanks - Z-PBO Fiber + Torquey Glass Fiber. 80% UDGlass/20% Carbon Composite. Butt Section - Z-PBO (Zylon) Wrap
-Fuji Titanium Guides with SiC Inserts and New Fuji Concept Spacing
-Fuji ACS-16 and ACS-17 Reels Seats
-End-Balancer System - Each model is carefully balanced for optimal performance

-Backed by Megabass of America Three-Year Warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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