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Offering an unprecedented level of craftsmanship and attention-to-detail, Yuki Ito and the next generation ITO engineering team pulled out all of the stops in the creation of the Megabass Destroyer X7 Series Casting Rods. From the game-changing 7-axis Core Implex X7 Graphite blanks to the Small Diameter Fuji KR Concept Guides and Super Metacompo Reel Seats, the Destroyer X7 Rod Series leaves all other bass rods in the dust.

Delivering an exceptional power-to-weight ratio with unrivaled sensitivity, the Core Inplex X7 Graphite blanks feature a multi-layer, multi-axis graphite construction, Yoloy Taping System and 7-axis butt section. This advanced blank technology allowed Megabass to create super-thin designs with faster vibration transmission, higher sensitivity and extraordinary power. The powerful 7-axis butt section is also adorned with skillful artwork depicting the Megabass icon, the “Oracle Dragon.” The Small Diameter Fuji KR Concept Guides have also been retooled for competition use to maximize each blank’s action and power, while reducing weight and greatly enhancing castability. The Super Metacampo Skeletal or Stealth Reel Seats (depending on model - see below) are also melded perfectly into each rod for a seamless fit and solid ergonomic reel base. The Megabass Destroyer X7 Casting Rods deliver professional-grade performance with the accuracy and perfection anglers expect from Megabass.

-Super Metacampo (pat.p) Stealth Reel Seat (d.pat.) - F2-63X7, F2-1/2-66X7, F3-69X7 models
-Super Metacampo (pat.p) Skeleton Reel Seat - F4-68X7, F4-611X7, F5-75X7, F5st-611X7, F5-1/2-70X7, F6-68X7, F7-71X7, Fx-710X7 models
-Fuji Small Diameter KR Concept Guides
- Ito Head Locking System III (pat.p)

-Backed by Megabass of America Three-Year Warranty

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Rod Handle Length:
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Comments: Diablo Fastmove. If you're a tournament fisherman, these sticks are overboard. But if you're like me, an enthusiast that relishes time spent on the water, you will find every cast an adventure. This stick can flat wing it. It's crisp. It's light. It's sensitive. It's balanced. It feels great once you become acclimated to the smaller handle diameter, a signature Megabass feel, and it is more than a match for the very best rods I have or ever have owned. If you can handle the sticker shock, it's worth it.

From: Trio: CA 11/22/14

Comments: Greatest rod ever made! Don't try this rod if your trying to save money. I bought one, tried it and wish I never did. I cant fish with anything else. I'm slowly replacing the rods I have now with the new X7 series.

From: Nathan: Salt Lake City, UT 2/27/14

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