Megabass Destroyer X7 Spinning Rods - $600.00 to $620.00

Megabass Destroyer X7 Spinning Rods

Delivering ultra premium performance like only Megabass can, Yuki Ito and the next generation ITO engineering team put the full force of their creativity and engineering prowess into the design of the Megabass Destroyer X7 Spinning Rods. The advanced Core Inplex X7 blanks were designed for specific bass fishing applications. Offering unprecedented sensitivity and crispness, as well as, an amazing power-to-weight ratio, the blanks consist of proprietary spiral welded Yoloy fiber wrapped around 7-axis core inplex graphite.

The X7 Super High Sensitivity Directibiity Reel Seats are designed to maximize the performance of the sturdy and powerful X7 blanks, while providing an ergonomic design that also helps transmit even the slightest vibrations back to the angler’s hand. With the X7 Clawgrasp Locking System, your fingertips also touch the blank directly for increased bite detection and the locking head, featuring Clawgrasp construction, connects to the metal cowing of the high tension blank directly for improved performance and aesthetics.

Premium X7 Titanium SiC K Guides deliver long last durability, and are precisely positioned to maximize casting distance and accuracy, while also maximizing the sensitivity and strength of the blanks. One of the most advanced spinning rod series to ever hit the market, the Megabass Destroyer X7 Spinning Rods deliver performance like only Megabass rods can.

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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Destroyer X7 Spinning 6'6" Parry Arc

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 3-8lb 1/32-1/8oz 7+Tip Destroyer X7 Spin
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11-1/4" $600.00
Destroyer X7 Spin

F1.5-66X7S - Parry Arc - This rod is specifically designed to target fish holding extremely close to cover and deep structure with pinpoint finesse tactics. X7 multi-axis construction coupled with the exceedingly crisp nature of X7 carbon material delivers a perfect core-balanced rod. Sensitivity throughout the entire blank detects the smallest bites, while the light yet powerful X7 material allows anglers to instantly set the hook. Parry Arc adds a new dimension to finesse fishing.

Destroyer X7 Spinning 6'10" Simoom

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 3-8lb 1/16-1/2oz 8+Tip Destroyer X7 Spin
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11-1/4" $620.00
Destroyer X7 Spin

F3.5-610X7S - Simoom - Distilling all of the X7 spinning concept into one model. The Simoom’s high integrity X7 construction improves blank recovery, eliminating unwanted tip movement caused when conventional blanks continue to shake even after angler-imparted action is finished. The X7 allows for the true precision required to coax bites from even the most wary of fish, and fuels the astonishing power of each blank, ensuring that bites translate into memories. A new generation of versatility begins with the X7 spinning flagship model - the Simoom.

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