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Designed by master lure designer, Yuki Ito, the Megabass Dog X Jr Coayu is not simply a downsized version of the original Dog X. It features a new lengthwise moving balancer system in addition to the now familiar, patented Side-Stepping Moving Balancer of the original Dog X. This new balancer system pushes the bait while it is walking, so that the roll-walk action of the Dog X Jr is sharper and more dynamic, especially considering its size. Designed to emulate the commotion of a baitfish frantically ripping and skipping across the waters surface as it evades a predator, the Dog X Jr is evidence that a small bait doesnt have to suffer a small action. Perfect for pressured conditions and times when bass are keying in on smaller bait fish, if you want to experience the fastest and the smoothest walking action of your life - pick up the Megabass Dog X Jr Coayu.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Dog X Jr 2-3/4" 1/5oz Topwater

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Comments: Megabass makes such pretty lures. The finish and quality is second to none.  The struggle here is that this is a 1/5 of an oz lure for $25 bucks.  I don't mind spending big bucks on big lures, but $25 on a 1/5 of an oz.  That's not right. Decide for yourself.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

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