Building upon the legendary track record of the original Dog-X, the Megabass Dog-X Quick Walker provides anglers with a speedier version of the famed topwater lure. Fish it as fast as you can, the Dog-X Quick Walker can keep up. Its patented Water-Through-The-Gills design creates a massive water disturbance, provides stability, and allows it to hurriedly move over water. Built with a patented Seesaw Balancing System, the Megabass Dog-X Quick Walker effortlessly sashays across the surface in a fast-paced "walk the dog" action. Equipped with an enticing rattle system, the Megabass Dog-X Quick Walker emits a distinct acoustic pitch that lets bass know that its time to eat. Masterfully sculpted with an intricate scaling patterns and available in a number of illustrious Megabass colors, the Megabass Dog-X Quick Walker produces heart-pounding blow-ups that will put your tackle to the test. 

Megabass Length Weight Class
Dog-X Quick Walker 3-1/2" 3/8oz Topwater

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have owned or own just about every Japanese topwater bait out there, and this is the very best, you can walk it fast and tight or slow and wide, fish it in calm water or in 4"-8" chop and it still walks unreal, and the noise it makes is very unique, it will call them up from the deep, sure it's expensive but well worth every penny.

From: Willie: NC 6/12/14

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