The Megabss FX9 Strobe Jerkbait is a silent, fixed-balancer jerkbait with an internal Neon-Core reflective plate for maximum flash. It also features Megabass' patent-pending Moving Lip technology for increased aerodynamics and action. The FX9's lip tucks into the body for greater casting distance, then dynamically responds to angler input, flipping its head from left to right with subtle twitches. With bolder jerks, it appears to dart in a panic, stirring bass into a frenzy. On a steady retrieve, the FX9's body rolls 180-degrees, creating huge flashes, and when paused, the FX9 floats with its head up, inviting strikes from hungry bass.

"Truly a unique, big fish lure. The fat-bodied profile and high-buoyancy of the Megabass FX9 Strobe Jerkbait make it one of my top choices when jerk-baiting depths of 5 feet or less." – Randy Blaukat, Megabass Pro

Megabass  Length Weight Depth Class
FX9 Strobe Jerkbait 3-1/2" 3/8oz 3-4ft Floating

Treble Hooks

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