The Megabass Griffon 6CC Hi Pitch Rattle Crankbait is the soprano of crankbaits, hitting tones that most cannot - for an unparalleled attraction. Equipped with two separate sets of rattles, the Megabass Griffon 6CC Hi Pitch Rattle Crankbait emits a hi-tone pitch with the help of glass rattles, and a distinct mid-tone with steel rattles. A slightly larger version of the original Griffon, the Megabasss Griffon 6CC Hi-Pitch Rattle Crankbait displaces 6 cubic-centimeters (6CC) of water with its wide-wobbling action. The Megabass Griffon 6CC Hi Pitch Rattle Crankbait also features a fixed internal stainless steel balancer, giving it a consistent and reliable movement. Crafted with a refined Japanese precision and offered in a myriad of colors, the Megabass Griffon 6CC Hi Pitch Rattle Crankbait is sure to make a deadly addition to any angler’s tacklebox.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Griffon 6CC Hi Pitch 2" 3/8oz Floating

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure is great, really well designed and looks amazing. Perfect size for bass and other species of fish. I used this lure recently, October 16th through 18th at a shallow, dark bottom lake in Pennsylvania. I purchased the Ito Wakasagi and it was catching largemouth, smallmouth, and pike the whole trip, even though the conditions were horrible. Unfortunately I hooked a pike and as it was next to the boat it jumped and cut the line. I will definitely be buying more of these lures. 

From: Madison, New Jersey

Comments: This is a great crankbait, especially at the 16.99 price. Flawless paint job and sticky sharp hooks, but is a little smaller than expected, about the size of a series 1xs strike king even tho its the larger of the griffons.

From: Martin: Wyoming, MI

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