Since it's introduction to the US market in the mid nineties, Megabass has gained a very loyal following among touring pros and the rest of us. Megabass has developed a reputation as being the most active baits in their class, and more importantly, the most natural actions as well. Each Megabass bait was designed and the prototype hand-carved by the master Japanese lure maker, Yuki Ito. The internal structure of Megabass lures is different than anything else on the market today. The external walls are thinner, but completely supported by internal supports, and each class of bait utilizes unique Moving Balancers that create the erratic action bass can't resist. The finishes on Megabass lures are unique as well. To give them the most life-like look Megabass gives each bait numerous coats of paint that blend to make the color perfect, and they don't exhibit a sharp line from one color to the next, but blend and fade into each other like in real life. All these features makes Megabass the leader in lure development and one of the secrets that win some big money all over the US.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Ito Vision 95 4" 3/8oz Suspending

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I picked this up used just to see what the fuss was all about. Its taken me two weeks to get the nerve to use it. I can't explain it, but at 3/8ox it casts better than most of my other jerk baits. Strong hooks too. The #6 VMC outbarb Barbarin hook is a perfect cheap replacement when needed. Mine did not suspend without a 1/4 of a suspend strip. After that it suspends well. It kinda dissapointed me as I have 5 dollar Smithwick's that suspend out of the box with no modifications. The NC Ayu color is amazing in stained water. This is a great lure for pressured areas too. I just have a hard time using it anywhere near cover at 25 bucks.

From: Richard: Edmond, OK

Comments: This bait really shines for me in moving water. I've used it for trout and walleye and have to say it is one of my top producers when fishing gets tough. Al Hakone is my favorite along with Al Smelt. With the split ring taken off it gets even more kick.

From: Violeta: Calgary, AB

Comments: Just recently purchased this bait and fished it a few times.  It is a beautiful work of art, but does not swim very good.  It just does not compare to my Orbitz models made by Zip Baits.  This lure was not the greatest fish producer but is still a fine addition to my tackle collection.

From: Jared: Castaic, CA

Comments:This is a great lure. I wonder when they be back in Tackle Warehouse. Great lure for hard conditions when fish are not active.

From:Francisco: Venezuela

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