Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods

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The Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rod Series was inspired by the Orochi, the ancient Japanese dragon god of water, and designed to capture the raw power and control of its namesake through Megabass’ cutting-edge blank manufacturing process and an uncompromising eye for quality and performance.

Guided by the unparalleled expertise of Aaron Martens and Luke Clausen, two of the premier professional bass anglers in the world, Megabass set out to design a line of rods that would earn a place on the front deck of their boats, and put the power of the legendary Orochi into their hands. Purpose-built for tournaments where a single cast can make all the difference, each Orochi blank is custom designed to match the rod’s intended application.

Crafted from premium super low-resin 40-ton carbon, each blank features a vertical-axis carbon core wrapped with a 2-axis XX-Micro Carbon layer, followed by an additional vertical-axis carbon layer. Each blank is then finished off with a 4-axis carbon wrap that goes from the butt section to the mid-section, for a total of 6-axis. Since carbon material is strongest along its axis, this unique manufacturing process adds significant strength to combat blank twist and improve overall structural integrity - all without adding unnecessary weight.

Each Orochi XX Rod also has a carefully selected range of tangle-free Fuji KWSG, KR-H, and Fuji small caliber Alconite guides for smooth casting and increased sensitivity, and premium Fuji ECS Reel Seats deliver direct contact with the rod blank and lightweight base for your reel. Delivering a fit and finish you can only expect from Megabass, the Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods are built with unparalleled precision and craftsmanship.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Orochi XX Spinning Rod 6'10" Stinger Shot

F3st-610XXS Stinger Shot - Get the drop on finesse targets - Featuring a Megabass original STINGER TIP design, the Stinger Shot brings ultra-sensitivity and an extra-fast taper to the drop shot game. Designed to be a perfect complement to the existing F3-611XXS Drop Shot model, the Stinger Shot is designed for light-line nose hooking and wacky rig applications where added sensitivity and bite-detection are paramount.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Extra Fast 4-12lb 1/16-1/2oz 8+Tip Orochi XX Spin A 15" In Stock: 3+ $275.00
Orochi XX Spin A

Orochi XX Spinning Rod 6'11" Medium Light Drop Shot

F3-611XXS Drop Shot - Designed to the tournament specs of renowned finesse angler Aaron Martens, this rod was built to have the ideal length, taper, and feel required for critical drop shot bites. Its medium-fast taper provides it with the perfect blend of tip and backbone required to handle finesse rigs and haul your fish straight to the live well. The length and taper are also well suited for shaky head fishing, as well as small crank baits, jerk baits and wacky-rigged soft plastics. For many anglers, the versatility of this rod will allow it to satisfy all their spinning tackle techniques.

"The F3-611XXS is a great 7lb to 10lb line drop shot rod. It’s excellent for throwing 4in to 6in worms, and ideally suited for places like the great lakes, Guntersville, Clear Lake or anywhere where you are fishing for bigger fish. I would recommend it for anything from 1/16oz to 1/2oz drop shot setups. This is not your average ultra-light tackle drop shot rod." - Aaron Martens, BASS Elite Series pro.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Med-Fast 4-12lb 1/16-1/2oz 8+Tip Orochi XX Spin A 15" In Stock: 2 $275.00
Orochi XX Spin A

Orochi XX Spinning Rod 6'8" Ronin

F4-68XXS Ronin - Pinpoint target fishing & jerkbaiting - With a fast taper and compact handle length, the RONIN is designed to pair perfectly with jerkbaits like the X-80 Trick Darter and Vision Oneten series. As many renowned jerkbait anglers across the US and Japan already know, the X-80 Trick Darter was designed for pairing with a spinning setup. This ergonomically superior setup allows for more comfortable and powerful sideways snaps of the rod to draw out the full dancing, darting potential of Megabass jerkbaits. In addition, the well-balanced RONIN is an excellent choice for pinpoint casting accuracy for floating worms, weighted and weightless worms, and shaky heads, and is an ideal match for dock skipping. As expert jerkbait anglers like Randy Blaukat will attest, the advantages of spinning setups are not to be overlooked.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 4-16lb 1/4-3/4oz 8+Tip Orochi XX Spin B 14-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $285.00
Orochi XX Spin B

Orochi XX Spinning Rod Megabass 7' Megabass Med Shakey

F3.5-70XXS Shakey Head - This rod could easily be considered the ideal shakey head rod. Built for finesse applications where a quick, solid hook set is required, the combination of rod's length/taper allows for extremely long casts, precise control over the action of lures and rigs, takes up line quickly during hooksets at distance, and the tip-softness necessary for fighting big fish without fear of breakoffs. An excellent choice for bottom-finesse methods, but also for small crankbaits and jerkbaits.

"This is my go-to shakey head rod, especially when I am fishing 6in worms. This rod is perfect for 7lb to 10lb, even 12lb line with 1/16oz to 3/8oz shaky heads. It’s a great rod for skipping docks and fishing tubes, and while it’s good with lighter rigs, this rod still has some solid meat to it." - Aaron Martens, BASS Elite Series pro.

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 4-12lb 1/16-1/2oz 8+Tip Orochi XX Spin A 15" In Stock: 3+ $285.00
Orochi XX Spin A

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  • Harnessing decades of Japanese design expertise, Megabass built the new Megabass Levante Spinning Rods to the precise needs of North American anglers.

  • Designed and crafted with the expertise of professional anglers, Aaron Martens and Luke Clausen, the Megabass Orochi XX Spinning Rods are purpose-built, tournament-caliber rods featuring the latest technologies and materials in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Comments: The 6'8" is the best rod I've every used or owned. Love it for top water lures. I have a few Levante as well & these are far superior. Worth the money.

From: JBA: MA 6/10/16

Comments: The 6'11" is not an ultra light or medium light. This rod is a medium action at best. Love the cork fore grip and handle but the action is heavier that stated. When Aaron says "This is not your average ultra light drop shot rod "
he wasn't kidding.

From: Kelly: CA 3/31/16

Comments:  6'10" stingershot orochi spinning rod. is really an awesome rod. Its super fast action & lite weight will be great for detecting those super lite bites. well worth the money.

From: Dennis: Las Vegas, NV 12/26/15

Comments: 6'11" Drop shot rod is very versatile. Best rod I have found for skipping 4 and 5 inch senkos and tubes. The rod seems a little heavy for 1/16 drop shot but better with 1/8 weights and up.  Fast tip but super back bone with lots of power.  Very sensitive for the money. Only con is the hook keeper on top of the rod. You will need to remove it due to the line getting caught in it every cast. I now own 2 of these that replaced 3 rods from my arsenal.

From: Jeff: Franklin, MA 6/23/14

Comments: Wow. This thing is awesome. Incredibly light and well balanced, and oh so very sensitive. Was hesitant at first, thinking this was just a cheap one for everybody, but this thing is worth every penny. Grip is super comfortable, has handled all the giant smallies could throw at me with ease. I can cast extremely far - and pitch a dropshot to shore cover. Sensitivity is unmatched. I believe I am now officially forever a Megabass convert.

From: Cobi: MI 5/16/14

Comments: Threw some braid on my ci4 3000 to pair with this rod and the sensitivity is amazing! The rod feels alive in your hand. My only complaint is that the quality of the cork could be better, too much filler used!

From: Matt: NJ, USA

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