Megabass Pony Gabot Frog

Megabass Pony Gabot Frog

Just when you thought that frog fishing couldn’t get any more exciting, along comes the Megabass Pony Gabot Frog. Built with a unique catamaran-style mouth that took over two-years to develop, the Megabass Pony Gabot Frog hits bass with a lethal combination of splashing, slapping, and walking. The specially engineered mouth of Megabass Pony Gabot Frog does more than just spit water, it also stabilizes the body and reduces rolling when blow-ups occur - for an increased strike-to-hook up ratio. And if that wasn’t enough, the mouth also allows the Megabass Pony Gabot Frog to pivot in place and sashay across the surface with a textbook walk-the-dog motion. Additionally, the Megabass Pony Gabot Frog is also built with a line-tie in-between the super-sharp double frog hook that permits anglers to attach an optional spinner blade. Finished with two tantalizing ponytails, the Megabass Pony Gabot Frog just raised the bar for hollow-bodied frogs everywhere. 

Megabass  Length Weight
 Pony Gabot Frog 2-1/2" 3/8oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The lure isn't very durable compared to Koppers or spro that's for sure.  Good lure just don't expect it to last long.  I don't quite understand all the people who expect a lure company to replace lures for them.  There's no way to know if a lures been abused so it's a bit ridiculous to think you can contact a lure company and expect a replacement for some item that cost less than $20.  Some people have terrible unrealistic expectations. 

From: Rob D: Lewistown PA 1/6/17

Comments: I got one cast out of this frog. I caught a 2 pound largemouth, that ripped the belly completely open. So, my frog has a gash on the under belly, the entire length of the frog. Of course, no luck getting it replaced with Megabass.

From: Richey: Newnan, GA 6/1/15

Comments: I purchased this frog and proceeded to make 15 cast after unboxing the bait for the first time to only find the metal weight missing out of the bottom of the lure. Megabass was no assistance with trying to get a replacement.

From: Blake: Soddy Daisy, TN 7/14/14

Comments: This lure is easy to walk and was the only lure that that got hit on my last outing. However you can't let it sit still to long like the livetarget frogs cause it will start to sink, as long as you keep it moving you will be fine. The finish isn't too durable but the hooks are sharp and the lure doesn't ride up the line like others, it stays on the hooks. My only personal gripes are that of the finish and the option to let it sit for a few seconds but that didn't stop the fish from wrecking this thing.

From: Paul: Malta, NY 6/20/14

Comments: This frog is no good, sinks halfway through a retrieve. Stick with the Spro frog, easily the best on the market. Not often that Megabass misses with a bait, but this frog is garbage.

From: Gary: Toledo Bend, LA 3/11/14

Comments: I thought the frog was a waste because it sank.I  sealed the hole around the hooks and punched out the preset hole on top and I love the frog now!  well worth it just seal the hole.

From: bigdre585: Rochester NY

Comments: I was afraid this frog would sink after seeing a similar reveiw sure enough mine sinks too theres a hole where the hook comes out, seems like a defect on some frogs not all my guess is that some one at megabass is snipping away too much material because mine has cut marks. Not what i expected from megabass .                 

From: Anthony: franklin park, il. Usa

Comments: the frog has good action it's super easy to walk but mines tore at the mouth

From: Chomps: LBC

Comments: Awesome frog with amazing action!! Downside is the material is weak and will tear at the catamaran mouth

From: Zach: VA

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