Introduced in 1996, the Megabass Pop X breathed new life into the old-style popper concept. Now the Megabass Pop X Back To The Garage Series brings back the original colors that made it a runaway favorite among touring professionals and rand and file anglers. Megabass’ original Side-Stepping Balancer (PAT.) still provides the Pop X with its amazing action. This balancer system features a fixed tungsten weight at the tail, and a spherical tungsten balancer towards the front that can only move from side-to-side. This channels the weight’s movement laterally, combining the spitting action of a popper with a truly unique rolling-dog-walking action. Of course, the PopX can be worked like a regular popper, but unlike a conventional popper - which only splashes - the patented gill system of the Pop X has two slits that allow for water to pass through, creating a more organic surface disturbance. In addition, the mouth of the PopX is designed to maximize the spitting distance that can be achieved with each twitch, resulting in considerable water-displacement.

For best results, twitch the Megabass PopX so that it moves about three inches at a time. At this pace, the Pop X will spit water about 10-inches, creating the impression of a wounded baitfish. Early mornings and cloudy days are particularly effective times to fish the Megabass Pop X Back To The Garage Series. Megabass suggests fishing the lure around grass beds, points, or down shoreline cover.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Pop X Back to the Garage 2.5" 1/4oz Topwater

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: awesome bait, but- is this different from the regular popX? Because the going price for those is $18. Hmmm...

From: Brian: GA

Comments: You don't like, you don't buy!  :)

From: California Love!

Comments: I got this same thing but a different brand at a fishing show for 3 bucks. WAY overpriced, obviously mega bass doesn't know we're in a recession but if you want a decent popper for a reasonable price get a strike king.

From: south MI

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