Megabass Shading X 75 SP - $20.99

The Megabass Shading X 75 SP offers anglers two highly effective baits rolled into one incredibly detailed, finely tuned package. The Megabass Shading X 75 SP is one part ripbait and one part crankbait ­– capable of delivering strong deflections, or being worked through open water like a traditional jerkbait.  Equipped with two stationary weights and one moving weight, the Megabass Shading X 75 SP has a tight rolling, and erratic lunging action that bass can’t resist. Additionally, the weights inside of the Megabass Shading X75 SP also allows it to be cast incredibly far, so you can cover more water throughout the course of the day. Twitch it, burn it, or grind it through the gravel, however you fish the Megabass Shading X75 SP it is sure to induce a reaction from nearby bass.

Megabass Length Weight Class
Shading X 75 SP 3" 1/4oz Suspending

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Megabass Shading X 75 SP

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  • Ito Shrimp
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  • Kohoku Reaction
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  • Komorin Copper Shad
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  • M Threadfin Shad
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  • NC Elegy Bone
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  • NC Sexy Shad
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  • NC. Pro Blue
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  • Table Rock SP
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