Megabass Vibration-X

Megabass Vibration-X

Another original 3D design from famed lure specialist, Yuki Ito, the Megabass Vibration-X is built with painstaking Japanese precision and uncompromising innovation. The flat head of the Megabass Vibration-X was designed specifically to displace water, and its hydrodynamic tail to cut through the water disturbance for a stabilizing effect and a tight vibrating wobble. In addition, the Megabass Vibration-X features three separate rattle chambers that create a booming underwater rattling, and alerts bass to its presence. Recognized for its effectiveness, the Megabass Vibration-X produces year-round, in clear or dirty water, and at any retrieve speed. To top off its exacting design the Megabass Vibration-X has been hand painted in myriad of intricate color schemes for a wide range of conditions.  

Megabass Length Weight Class
Vibration-X 3" 3/4oz Sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'm not sure if Megabass switched hooks in the past few years before I started using them but every Megabass lure I have bought has either the outbard, owner diiachi hooks and all of them are super sticky sharp so I've never had a problem and the thin shank i prefer since it takes less setting pressure and most bass will just hook themselves. You get what you pay for is a term used many times when people debate Megabass and it holds true in every way. The designs, finishes, hooks, action, acoustics and just pure attractiveness of Megabass are unmatched by anyone and Megabass put it all together to create a line of plugs that every lure maker out there takes notes from and out of the water. if you ever have to call them its nothing like calling your phone company, the guy Josh who you'll get most of the time is friendly, helpful and has all the tools to make things right. Customer service is a lost science that has been replaced by long waits, rude English lessons and frustration, not Megabass. I will always buy these lure just for the edge they give me on the water and the piece of mind I have off knowing I spent my money well.

From: Jeff: Dallas, TX 2/5/15

Comments: i've been a long time megabass ultra vibration (quite possibly the best crankbait imo) user, not sure if i'm feeling the design/look of this one if this is supposed to be their new design version.

From: Haze: CA

Comments: I have fished all sorts of lipless baits.  Lucky Crafts, Rapalas, Rattle Traps, etc, etc!  There are dozens of them on the market.  I love lipless lures and had to give this one a try too.  Here is my review:  My first impression was, what a nice looking lure.  It fished very nicely, good action at low and high speeds...which is what you want.  I don't care for the hooks and the reverse barb... but what really got me was the paint chipping off.  I fish these baits ticking and bouncing them off rocks, the paint job on these lures is CHEAP!  It flakes right off.  Probably doesn't matter if you fish them in open water or ripping them through weeds... but when you pay 22.00$ for a lure it would be nice if the paint lasted a little longer.  Overall, it is a nice lure, but I don't think it is worth 22.00$  I am not cheap by any means... don't mind paying big bucks for high quality products... but for 22$ you can get a few lures (Spro Aruku shad) that are just as good.

Comments: This lure is awesome. The colors are sweet! the hooks are super sharp and when I received these the hooks actually broke through the plastic; they are thinner than normal and have a little bit of flex but I never straighten a hook on a crank before so no problem for me. If you love lipless cranks this is a must have.

From: Ryan: NE

Comments: Cheap baits for cheap people, expensive baits for rich people. If you have time to complain about the price, you should go get a job and make extra money to buy MegaBass. You can still catch fish with $1 lure selling at MalMart, you know. MegaBAss is a killer brand!

From: Jade: SoCal

Comments: Small price to pay for perfection.

From: John: MI

Comments: Is anyone tired of people telling you that the baits you fish anit no good and over priced? Yes the hooks are so so and they do have a price on them but they do work for me . I wish the best of luck to you and your Excaliber that you fish , but have you fish any Megabass , I have a open mind when I fish maybe it could help yall to .

From: Phillip: TX

Comments: This lure catches fisherman not fish. What can this lure do differently than an excalibur, red eye shad, tremor etc. I am sure that there is a frequency underwater with the right rattles and chamber combination that makes the fish go crazy; but isn't there also a note that makes everyone go number 2 in there pants...I am pretty sure pooping your pants is still pooping your pants in my book. Don't buy into the marketing scam and encourage outrageous price increases. Sure the paint jobs are amazing, I am sure that in about 15 feet of water or low light conditions those colors look pretty amazing to a bass whose eyes are as highly developed as a humans to perceive color right (sarcastic voice)? I agree with will, the hooks suck and the lure doesn't even have oval split rings, I thought this lure was "superbly engineered"??

From: John: CA

Comments: Nope, just you dude!  Sorry

From: Ace: CA

Comments: Is anyone tired of megabass on other rediculously over priced japanese lure brands yet? The hooks that come on them are crap and you can do all the same things with an excaliber or other quality brands. Especially in the case of a lipless crankbait, they all nearly have the same action I mean come on.

From: Will: Waltham, MA

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