Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent

Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent

The Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent delivers all of the effectiveness of the original Megabass Vibration-X in a smaller, quieter package that is perfect for pressured fish. When bass are not feeding aggressively, the Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent still has the ability to grab their attention with its heavy vibration. This vibration is the result of three specific design features all working in unison. The first of which is the Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent’s broad, concave head. The head displaces a good deal of water, while the hydrodynamic tail of the Megabass Vibration X Jr. Silent cuts through the water to stabilize its action. Internally, a balancer system gives the Megabass Vibration-X Jr. Silent a low-center of gravity that allows it to shake hard without washing out or popping up. Offered in a number of highly detailed Megabass colors, the Megabass Vibrations-X Jr. Silent is just what you need to put pressured fish in the well.

Megabass  Length Weight
Vibration-X Jr Silent 2-1/2" 1/2oz

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    Model No. 0195210086
    GLX Western Chartreuse
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