Megabass Vibration-X Silent - $21.99

Great for coaxing bites out of spooky or skittish fish, the Megabass Vibration-X Silent delivers the same attention-grabbing action as the original - minus the rattle. The flat head of the Megabass Vibration-X Silent is designed specifically to displace water, and its hydrodynamic tail is built to cut through the disturbance to create a stabilizing effect and a tight, vibrating wobble.

Internally, the Megabass Vibration-X Silent uses a balancing system that keeps its action true at any retrieve speed. In addition, the Megabass Vibration-X Silent also delivers long distance casts with ease and has the ability to draw strikes year-round, regardless of water temperature or clarity. Available in a number of proven colors, the Megabass Vibration-X Silent is the ideal crank for tempting timid bass in a wide variety of conditions. 

 Megabass Length Weight Class
Vibration-X Silent  3" 3/4oz Sinking 

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Megabass Vibration-X Silent

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  • Bahama Milk Pearl
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  • Bone Blueback Chartreuse
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  • Craw
    Stock Qty
  • GG Threadfin Shad
    Stock Qty
  • GG. Gill
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  • GLX Western Chartreuse
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  • M. Ozark Shad
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  • M. Silver
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  • Megabass Sexy Shad
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  • Sexy French Pearl
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