Megabass X-Dad Crankbait - $24.99

Dancing just above rocks and tapping along the bottom, the Megabass X-Dad offers the ultimate in crayfish imitation with its seductive wiggling action and durable feather antennae. The Megabass X-Dad Crankbait is best utilized with a “stop and go” retrieve combined with a slight twitching in between pauses to give it the actions of a foraging crayfish. Suspending around 10 feet, the Megabass X-Dad Crankbait was designed to produce even when temperatures drop and bass become generally less active. Delivering a lively and mesmerizing crawfish impersonation, the Megabass X- Dad Crankbait moves slightly above the bottom to keep your crank from getting snagged on rocks, and your livewell overflowing. 

Megabass Length Weight Class Depth
X-Dad 2-1/4" 3/8oz Suspending 10ft.

Treble Hooks

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  • Avocado Ayu
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  • Craw
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  • Crawfish
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  • Glass Shrimp
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  • Ito Shrimp
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  • Pro Blue
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Comments: The most realistick craw ever made and amazing action! You should get some!

From: Joao: Portugal

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