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Megabass X-Plose SS - $23.99

Originally designed by Yuki Ito for his own personal use, the Megabass X-Plose is full of intricate detailing and innovative features. Incredibly lethal when used for the Japanese technique of “spybaiting,” it's built with a patented flat balancer system that facilitates mile-long casts and a tight, flashing shimmy on the drop. The result of extensive research, the props on the front and back of Megabas X-Plose also provide a dynamic vibration and flash even at the slowest retrieve speeds. Additionally, the Megabass X-Plose also has gear-shaped teeth along the inside of the prop that create a finely-tuned pitch that calls fish in as the blades spin. Available in a number of hand-painted colors, the Megabass X-Plose is just what you need to blow fish and competition out of the water.

Megabass  Length Weight Type
 X-Plose 4" 5/8oz Sinking 

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Comments: I purchased the Megabass and Duo Realis  Spybaits to try Spybaiting. The Duo Realis  Spinbait 90 is a nice Bait and I'm happy with it. The Megabass is aweful and cost a lot more. No shimmy, nose dives on the fall , and takes forever to sink. If I buy more spybaits I will not buy the Megabass. Lots of fish on the Spinbait 90, none on the Megabass.

From: Tom: Lac Du Flambeau, WI 8/28/14

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Megabass X-Plose SS

6 Available Colors

  • NC Gin Rin Ayu
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  • NC Biwako Wakasagi
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  • NC Hasu
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  • NC Pro Blue
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  • NC Setsuki Ayu
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  • NC Wakasagi
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